Daily Archives: February 6, 2021

President Biden cancels Indian-American nomination for judiciary – Express Urdu

Vijay Shankar Appointed Associate Judge For District Columbia Court Of Appeal (Photo, File) File) WASHINGTON: President Biden has revoked the nomination of an Indian-American as an associate judge. Was nominated as an Associate Judge. Vijay Shankar was re-nominated by former President Trump on January 2 this year. Earlier, in June …

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Couple convicted of brutally killing three-year-old child in France – Express Urdu

Three-year-old Tony was brutally murdered by his mother's friend (Photo, AFP) P) Paris: Couple who brutally murdered a three-year-old child in France has been sentenced to prison. Occurred in 2016. The baby's mother, Caroline Letwell, was 19 years old when her son, Louis Ventel, severely abused her son. Her son …

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Chakka Jam Strike In India, farmers parked tractors and closed highways – Express Urdu

Protests on highways cause queues of vehicles, Photo: File New Delhi: Modi government's controversial agricultural in India Farmers against the policy went on strike under the Chakka Jam strike, closing the country's main highways to traffic by setting up tractors. According to Indian media, the Modi government's agricultural policies against …

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