Daily Archives: March 5, 2021

US opposes International Court of Justice's war crimes investigation into Israel – Express Urdu

Kamala Harris calls Israeli Prime Minister for the first time since becoming Vice President, Photo: File Washington / Jerusalem : US Vice President Kamala Harris opposes the International Criminal Court's investigation of war crimes against Israel in Palestine. According to the World News Agency, US Vice President Kamala Harris has …

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Former French defense minister convicted in Karachi corruption case, PM acquitted – Express Urdu

Former French President Edouard Bellador was accused of taking commissions in the submarine deal, photo: file Paris: Former French Prime Minister Edouard Bellador has been acquitted by a French court in an alleged corruption case known as the 'Karachi affair', but his co-defense minister has been sentenced to two years …

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Mumbai's famous 'Karachi Bakery' closed due to attacks by Hindu extremists – Express Urdu

Karachi bakery was attacked for a month by Hindu extremists, Photo: File Mumbai: India's ancient and The most famous “Karachi Bakery” has been closed by its owners after attacks by nationalist fanatical Hindus. According to Indian media, Mumbai's historic and most famous bakery “Karachi Bakery” has been closed by the …

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