Albanian knife-wielding man attacks worshipers at mosque – Express Urdu

Police arrest assailant, photo: Twitter

A 34-year-old man carrying a knife entered a mosque during noon prayers in the Albanian capital, Tirana, and stabbed the worshipers without provocation. I actually made stabbed.

police identified the attacker detained 34-year-old was named Rudolph Nicola. The suspect has not yet stated the cause of the attack, while police have not yet been able to obtain information about the suspect's religion and family.

The rescue agency transported the five injured to the hospital by ambulance. The injured ranged in age from 22 to 35. The condition of the two injured is said to be critical.

Imam of the mosque Muhammad Ahmed told the media that the mosque was packed with worshipers due to Ramadan.

It should be noted that 80% of Albanians are Muslims and a small number are Christian citizens, but there is still communism.

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