Can Ultrasound Reduce Obesity?

In the past, ultrasound has been shown to increase obesity and special fat-reducing activities in the liver. (Photo: Internet)

New York: U.S. scientists have succeeded in controlling obesity by focusing ultrasound waves on the livers of mice during experiments.

If the same measure is effective in humans. If proven, it is hoped that in the next few years we will have a new way to eliminate human obesity without the need for medication and surgery.

In the first phase of experiments, scientists divided mice into two groups. : One group was fed a healthy daily diet for eight weeks, while the other group was fed a Western-style diet rich in fats and carbohydrates during this period.

Eating rats gained more body fat and weight than healthy eating rats.

In the next step, all these rats, continuing their previous diet, were divided into two different groups: one group. Daily focused ultrasound waves (pFUS) were inserted into the liver, while mice in the other group were exposed to the liver. Wei and C harmless radiation was sprayed.

This phase continued for eight weeks.

The health of rats exposed to daily harmful radiation remained the same, including healthy-eating rats. As before.

However, with a diet rich in fats and carbohydrates, as well as a daily “diet” of concentrated ultrasound waves, weight gain and fat gain were significantly controlled in mice. Apparently, they accumulated less fat on their stomachs while their weight gain rate also decreased. Not only that, but their blood also decreased the amount of certain compounds related to fat and obesity.

It is clear that some research in the past has shown that ultrasound waves focused on the liver in the liver. Specialists in obesity and fat reduction are on the rise.

Experts from the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research and GE Research in New York conducted the same experiments on mice.

Details of this experiment and the results have been published in the latest issue of the online research journal “Scientific Reports” .

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