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Find out the freshness of fruits now with laser plasma – Express Urdu

Japanese expert has developed a system to measure the freshness of mangoes using laser and plasma. Photo: Express Tribune Tokyo: Verifying the freshness of any fruit, from farmer to buyer, is a difficult process. But now the Shaibora Institute of Technology (SIT) in Japan has developed a state-of-the-art system specifically …

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Successful experience of cultivating clear and fertile lands in Punjab for 100 years – Express Urdu

Punjab has an area of ​​more than 3.714 million acres. Photo: Imtiaz Khan Lahore: In Pindi Bhattian area of ​​Hafizabad district of Punjab, organic liquid prepared by a Pakistani agronomist has been used to make the calcareous and noisy lands cultivable, which has changed the condition of barren and decayed …

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Parents will now be able to monitor their children's activities on YouTube – Express Urdu

YouTube offers three options for parents to control their children's videos. Photo: Social Media Today California: During the Corona epidemic last year, a large number of children around the world, especially children, turned to YouTube, where they used educational, entertainment and other videos. But at the same time, parents have …

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