Former French defense minister convicted in Karachi corruption case, PM acquitted – Express Urdu

Former French President Edouard Bellador was accused of taking commissions in the submarine deal, photo: file

Paris: Former French Prime Minister Edouard Bellador has been acquitted by a French court in an alleged corruption case known as the 'Karachi affair', but his co-defense minister has been sentenced to two years in prison and fined ایک 100,000.

According to the news agency, the French law court of the Republic has sentenced the former French defense minister to two years suspended imprisonment and a fine of one hundred thousand euros and three senior officials, but the former prime minister was acquitted. 19659005] The former prime minister and defense minister were accused of corruption, taking commissions from mediators and abuse of power in the sale of submarines to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia between 1993 and 1995. The allegations first surfaced in 2017.

Former Prime Minister Edward Bellador was also accused of running for the 1995 presidential election with commission money but losing.

The government formed after the defeat of Edward Bellador in the presidential election had stopped the payment of French agreements with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia by accusing them of corruption.

On the other hand, one of the mediators against the 78-year-old former defense minister He was accused of setting up a network that took commissions on such deals.

According to the BBC, the French company Sefoma received 338 million francs in the deal, while two Lebanese citizens took a 4% commission through an offshore company. Which becomes 216 million francs.

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