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Enlarge your mind and keep positive thinking, actress Haniya Amir. Photo: File

Karachi: Actress Haniya Aamir has given a strong response to the critics of the use of beauty filters in her photo.

Haniya Amir has said on Instagram that the video being criticized. Yes, I did make-up that day too but the point here is that I am satisfied with my beauty and my steps but you guys should be satisfied with who you are.

Haniya Amir's That is to say, if I am using a beauty filter for myself, it is acceptable, but if I do it under the pressure of society, then it is wrong, there is nothing like what is said in the picture. Yes, I think everything was fine on Instagram but still criticized so I want to say enlarge your mind and keep positive thinking.

Haniya Amir also said that if I use a beauty filter on a photo. If you do, people get a chance to criticize, don't be so opportunistic, I still know how to face such things.

Earlier, she shared a video on Instagram Story on which she used a beauty filter. The actress was heavily criticized by users on social media over the photo.

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