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In January, the government of Pakistan increased the price of electricity by about Rs. 2 per unit. Earlier, oil and gas prices have also been increased from time to time.

The government claims that global oil and gas prices I am growing. Therefore, this increase is passed on to the people. The problem is that with the rise in the price of all sources of energy, the price goes up because the cost of everything for common use goes up. It is as if the rise in prices ultimately puts a financial burden on the people. Already troubled and miserable at the hands of Mangai.

The question is how to save the people from the vicious cycle of rising energy prices? Because the constant rise in prices has spread unrest and panic among the people.

Improving Future Generations
One solution is to adopt more “renewable energy” (hydroelectric energy) which generates electricity from water, wind, sun, etc. The rulers of India This is the solution adopted by the class and today our neighbor is on the way to get rid of the vicious cycle of rising fuel (oil, gas, coal) prices. The attitude of the Indian ruling class shows that the politicians involved in it, the generals. , Government officials are far-sighted and patriotic. They think of the betterment of future generations and make plans for their well-being.

His vision is only for personal gain. They make long-term plans for the development and prosperity of the country and the nation. The shortcomings of the Indian ruling class are in place! The atrocities being perpetrated on Indian Muslims and Kashmiris are not hidden. He has nefarious intentions for Pakistan as well. But the Indian rulers who are taking pro-people measures, the ruling class of Pakistan should learn a lesson from them. The aim is to have similar plans in Pakistan. [19659003AtpresentfromtheglobaleconomytocivilizationandsocietythewheelofthehumanworldisdrivenbyelectricandfossilfuelsThedownsideofthesefuelsisthattheywillrunoutinthenextthirtytofortyyearsTheirreserveswilldecreasetheirpriceswillincreaseThesecondmajordisadvantageisthattheyspreadpollutionintheenvironmentThispollutionisspreadingnewdiseasesinhumanbeingsThatiswhygovernmentsaroundtheworldarerenewableSourcesofenergyarebeingadoptedItseemsthatinthefutureelectricitywillbecomethemainmeansofdevelopingandrunninghumancivilizationNowelectricvehiclesarealsobeingmadeonalargescale

A great change
In the past, it was customary to build small and big dams on countries with rivers to generate electricity from flowing water. This trend is still going on. In countries where there are no rivers, They started generating electricity by burning coal, oil or gas in power plants.

In fact, wind and solar power generation was very expensive then. But especially due to innovations in science and technology over the last ten years, wind and solar power generation. In fact, long-term wind and solar-powered power plants are now generating relatively cheap electricity from oil, coal and gas-fired power plants, especially when they are widely used. There is a great change that has the potential to revolutionize the human world. It will not only provide humanity with free, affordable energy, which will turn the wheel of the global economy, but will also clean up the deteriorating environment of the planet. The Indian government is at the forefront of adopting this positive activity for humanity. It is an admirable and worthy act to be imitated.

In 2010, India was windy and generated only 3,000 megawatts of electricity from the sun. It is generating 75,000 MW of electricity from these two renewable sources. Estimate the extent of this number in such a way that the total power in Pakistan is 38,000 MW.

The Indian government plans to achieve the target of generating “one hundred and sixty-six thousand” megawatts of electricity from these two sources of energy in the next two years. He started a revolution by installing wind and solar power plants across the country. In particular, this power is not expensive but is constantly getting cheaper. Recently, Modi Janata inaugurated a 500 MW solar powered power plant in the state of Gujarat. It will generate electricity at only Rs. 1.90 per unit. It is said that the cost of solar power in India has come down to less than the cost of electricity generated from flowing water in dams, which is less than Rs.

Benefits of Affordable Electricity
The Indian government further imposes lower taxes on users of 200 units per month. Therefore, in most Indian states, electricity prices are up to 200 units in Pakistan. For example, the Delhi government charges only Rs 3 per unit from its citizens. In the state of Goa, Rs 2.25 is charged, meaning electricity is much cheaper there. The price of electricity up to 300 units is Rs 2.95 per unit. As mentioned, the electricity bill is not burdened with taxes. Only one or two taxes are levied on the citizens and their rates are also modest. Cheap electricity is available. That is why cheap goods made in Indian factories are being sold all over the world and India has started earning billions of dollars in foreign exchange annually. Electricity rates per unit are already high in Pakistan. Even for those who use more than three hundred units of electricity in India, the unit rate is between six to ten rupees.

Today, India is the third largest producer and user of electricity in the world (after China and the United States). The country has become. One of the main reasons is the increase in population which has reached 1.3 billion. The other important reason is that the demand has also increased due to cheaper electricity. India currently has “three hundred and seventy five thousand” megawatts. Electricity is generated. Of this, 200,000 megawatts (54%) are generated by coal-fired power plants that pose a threat to the global environment. Approximately 50,000 MW of electricity (13.3%) d. The wind generates 38,000 megawatts (10.2%) of electricity. Solar power plants generate more than 36,000 megawatts (9.7%) of electricity. Power plants run on electricity generate about 25,000 megawatts (6.7%) of electricity. About 10,000 megawatts (2.8%) is generated from dung and garbage. The rest is from nuclear power plants (1.8%) and oil.

India's bright future
Indian industrialist, Gautam Adani's company, Adani Powers has now become the world's largest solar power company. Under India, solar power plants generate more than 12,000 megawatts of electricity. Gautam Adani's vision is to make his company the world's largest renewable energy company by 2050. He made predictions about India's economic future at the World Conference. See the keynote address of his speech:

“I think India is at a very important and dramatic juncture at this point. If we take advantage of them, India will become a superpower in the next three decades, by 2050. There will be many obstacles along the way. We have to overcome them intelligently. In particular, our economy may slow down due to natural and unnatural problems, but the Indian nation must realize the opportunities it has.

“For example, the world's GDP is now 85 85 trillion. According to experts, the world's GDP will be 170 170 trillion in 2050. If we make full growth, then India's GDP will reach ڈالر 28 billion. It is as if India will contribute 15% to the growth and development of the world economy.

“I am convinced that India will be a superpower by 2050. The Indian government is carrying out comprehensive reforms to change the entire structure of government. In this way, India will get rid of the problems and shortcomings that hinder economic growth.

“India's population could reach 1.6 billion by 2050. Then there is the middle class in the world.” Yen will be one of the consumers of India. It is as if India will have the largest middle class. This class will promote industry, trade and business globally. Never before in human history has any nation created such a large middle class. Only the Indian middle class will use مصنوعات 108 trillion worth of products annually. Then every company in the world will invest in India. No one will be able to pump out of India.

“Investors from all over the world in the Indian stock market. Will put money Our market index will increase. By 2050, it could reach “six million”. The total capital in our stock market will be several trillion dollars. Over the next three decades, there will be many Indian companies, each worth more than one trillion dollars.

“Audience, Industrial Revolution It was started in 1760. Since then, only energy sources have been providing oxygen to the economy of every nation. Today, energy is a lifeline and a lifeline for every country. In modern times, computer technology and communication technology have become very important. Both accelerate economic growth and depend on energy. By adopting them, every nation can revolutionize its industry, trade and business. We Indians need to do research and experimentation in energy, computer and communication technologies so that they can Scientists all over the world are bringing innovations in them.

“I think, the Indian nation has got access to the above technologies, if they become niche in them, then India will become an economic and military superpower. The same skill will save millions of Indians from poverty, ignorance and disease. Not only that, they are in the middle class. They will lead to new industries and increase business. It will open up new avenues for economic growth.

“Scientists around the world are conducting research and experiments to make renewable energy cheaper. They have had significant success over the last ten years. The goal is to create cheaper devices and cheaper technologies. That is why the cost of electricity generated from these sources is constantly decreasing. I am very happy to say that all over the world, wind, solar, water and tidal power plants are being set up in India. India today has become a world leader in the field of renewable energy. Yes, electricity will be cheaper.

“We have free air, sun, water and sea. We can generate unlimited electricity from these natural resources. Generating more electricity will eliminate the need for us to buy oil and gas.” That way, we can save billions of dollars on them, as well as get rid of polluting coal-fired power plants.

“It is also worth noting that the world of broadband services and mobile phones in India. The cost of internet data has come down drastically in the last five years. That is why millions of Indians are now using the internet. They are often online. Thus, with the advancement of computer technology and the availability of cheap electricity, the average Indian began to have the best opportunities for development.

“Don't underestimate the combination of cheap electricity and computer technology. Computer technology today includes artificial intelligence, machine learning, FiveG, Internet of Things, cloud infrastructure, sensors, all the important and new technologies that are being born. If all these technologies reached the common Indian people, they would be a great help to India. Will turn it into a strong and stable economic and scientific power. ”

The world's largest solar wind power plant
is located in a village called Khadwa near the Pakistani border in the Indian district of Kachh. Indian Prime Minister Modi laid the foundation stone for building the world's largest solar wind power plant there. After its completion, the plant will generate 30,000 megawatts of electricity. The power plant is located near the Pakistani city of Diplo. The Indian Army gifted 72,600 hectares of land to the government for its construction. The Indian Ministry of Energy had told Prime Minister Modi that millions of hectares of land in Run Kacha were deserted.

So there were wind and solar power generators. Plants could be set up. Due to its proximity to the Pakistani border, the area was very sensitive. Has donated to the ministry. Now wind and solar power plants will be installed on an area of ​​49,600 hectares. Only windmills will be installed on an area of ​​23,000 hectares. The project is only six kilometers away from the Pakistani border. In three to five years. It will be completed.

Why is the price of electricity going up?
Dear country economist and former Minister of Finance, Muftah Ismail explained the reasons for the rising price of electricity through his totes. Here is a service that brings one side of the issue:

The PTI government increased the basic price of electricity by Rs. 1.95 per unit in January. In February, the government agency, NEPRA, announced a fuel adjustment of Rs. Rs per unit and 0.83 paise in the quarterly adjustment included in the bills. It seems that every Pakistani's monthly bill in February increased by Rs 4.31 per unit. This is the change in the bills! But the government will not be responsible for the price increase. The government declares. It does not admit its mistakes. For example, when there was a nationwide power outage some time ago, the energy minister said that he did not know the reason. It has now been revealed that Einstein of the Ministry of Energy forgot to take care of the routine of the system last summer. But he remembers heaping accusations on the NLA government.

The PTI government claims that The fixed rate of power plants installed by the PML-N government during its tenure is high. That is why the price of electricity is going up now. But this is not true. The power plants run by furnace oil during Musharraf regime The fixed rate was Rs. 2 per unit while the price of fuel was Rs. 13 per unit. Among the LNG-powered power plants we installed, the fixed rate was Rs. 4 per unit while the price of fuel was Rs. 6 per unit. As if we have saved five rupees. Then these LNG power plants are owned by the Pakistani government, so the money does not go out. Even in the coal power plants installed by the PML-N government, the power is nine to ten rupees per unit. [19659003ItisclearfromtheabovefactsthatthepriceofelectricityisaroundRs10butthepresentgovernmentisgivingelectricitytoindustriesatRs2073perunitCommercialrateisRs2355perunitCitizenspayRs2265perunitWhenthegovernmentisearningsomuchthenwhyhastherevolvingcreditincreased?Andwhyisthegovernmentconstantlyincreasingthepriceofelectricity?Therearefivemainreasonsforthis:

٭ 88 88% of citizens in Pakistan pay their bills. The remaining 12% have to be paid by the people. In the N-League era, 93% of the population started paying their bills. Now they pay 87%.
194 This rate has now reached 19%. The NLA government had brought it down to 18%.
اچ روپے The sudden and drastic depreciation of the rupee against the dollar increased the amount given to IPPs. Done. Because they are repaid in dollars. And so the revolving loan also increased.
٭… The PTI government bought LNG very expensive last year. If the government like India and Bangladesh If we could have bought this gas, we would have saved billions of rupees.
٭… The shocking decision of the government to make electricity from furnace oil. Furnace oil and diesel are the most expensive sources of fuel. Even Saudi Arabia. It also does not generate electricity from them. But in Pakistan IPPs were allowed to generate electricity from furnace oil. That is why the price of electricity increased.

Pakistan's electricity system
Today millions of Pakistanis are living a prosperous life but unfortunately the ruling class has not been able to develop the country. The people of this country are rich but the government is poor; this defect is created by the ruling class. Take the power system for example. Electricity and oil have become the wheels of economic development in modern times but our ruling class has not taken proper steps to protect and maintain these wheels. Far-sightedness and patriotism have not worked. Due to this, the power system in our dear country is bad.

In Pakistan, electricity is “30%” more expensive than its neighbors. And it is getting more expensive. Therefore, the cost of goods in Pakistan is higher and when it becomes more expensive in the world market, their There is no buyer. Thus, the national industrial and commercial production has decreased, which leads to unemployment. As if electricity becomes cheaper, then industry and trade and business will increase. The PTI government, which is said to be sympathetic to the poor, has not taken any concrete steps to make it cheaper. Despite the huge benefits of cheap electricity, the government has not taken any concrete steps to make it cheaper. Electricity, oil and gas prices were increased in the cycle of taking. Is this a poor friend?

It is true that load shedding has been significantly reduced (although the people of Karachi do not agree) but the price of electricity This is a moment of concern. This process is increasing inflation in Pakistan. One way to reduce the price of electricity is what the Indian rulers have adopted. They are fully focused on renewable energy sources. To take advantage of them. But our ruling class still wants to generate electricity from expensive furnace oil, gas, oil and polluting coal.

According to statistics, Pakistan spends 37 to 38 per annum. It has the capacity to generate 1000 MW of electricity. Demand for electricity decreases in winter and increases in summer. According to the official report, in December 2020, 29.15% of electricity will be coal, 22.70% water ( (B), 15.37% natural gas, 13.88% LNG gas, 8.67% nuclear process, 3.73% furnace oil, 2.79% wind and 0.63% sunshine. The unit of electricity made from furnace oil is the most expensive. It costs the nation Rs. 12.27. The unit cost of hydropower is about Rs. 4. Coal power is Rs. 6.34, LNG is Rs. 7.58 and Natural gas costs Rs 7.58 per unit. We are also buying electricity from Iran at Rs 9 per unit.

Power in new solar and wind-powered power plants in India is being generated at around Rs 2 per unit. In Pakistan, if this price reaches Rs 4 per unit, it will be equal to the cost of electricity generated in dams. It seems that common sense says that now the Pakistani government should generate electricity from renewable energy sources. It is not only environmentally friendly but also affordable. But our ruling class, as usual, is in a state of dreamlessness. Not only that, the bureaucracy is obstructing the installation of renewable energy power plants to protect its financial interests. ہے۔

دی پاکستان فارن انویسٹرز فورم (The Pakistan Foreign Investors Forum)بیرون ملک مقیم پاکستانی سرمایہ کاروں کی ایک تنظیم ہے۔یہ تنظیم پاکستان میں شمسی توانائی اور ہوا کے بجلی گھر لگانا چاہتی ہے جن میں چھ روپے سے بھی کم قیمت پر فی یونٹ بجلی بن سکے گی۔اخباری رپورٹ کی رو سے ایک سال سے زیادہ عرصہ ہو گیا،وزارت توانائی نے تنظیم کو درج بالا بجلی گھر لگانے کے لے اجازت نامہ جاری نہیں کیا۔اس دوران وزارت توانائی نے دسمبر 2020ء میں مہنگے ذریعہ توانائی،فرنس آئل سے نجی بجلی گھروں کو بجلی بنانے کی اجازت دے دی۔

یہ ملک وقوم کے ساتھ کیسا مذاق ہو رہا ہے؟اعداد وشمار کے مطابق نومبر2020ء میںفرنس آئل سے 27.77گیگاواٹ ہاور بجلی(کل بجلی کا 0.35فیصد)بنی تھی۔دسمبر2020ء میں فرنس آئل سے 293.92گیگاواٹ ہاور بجلی(کل بجلی کا 3.73فیصد)بنائی گئی،حالانکہ اب تو بچہ بچہ بھی جان گیا کہ فرنس آئل سے مہنگی ترین بجلی بنتی ہے۔آخر حکمران طبقہ اور بیوروکریسی پاکستانی قوم کے ساتھ کس قسم کا کھیل کھیلنے میں مصروف ہے؟زخموں پر نمک یہ حقیقت چھڑکتی ہے کہ ماہرین کی رو سے پاکستان میں ہوا اور دھوپ کے ذریعے کم از کم ’’ا یک لاکھ میگاواٹ‘‘ بجلی بن سکتی ہے۔

1994ء سے پاکستان میں 60سے 70فیصد بجلی غیر سرکاری بجلی گھر (independent power producers )المعروف بہ آئی پی پیز (IPPs)تیار کررہے ہیں۔ان نجی بجلی گھروں سے جتنے بھی معاہدے کیے گئے،ان سے پاکستانی حکومت کو نقصان ہی ہوا۔حکمران طبقے پر الزام لگتا ہے کہ اس نے کمپنیوں سے کمیشن(رشوت)لے کر انھیں مراعات دے ڈالیں۔ان مراعات کے ذریعے کمپنیوں کو پچھلے پچیس برس کے دوران کھربوں روپے کی کمائی ہو چکی۔

ان معاہدوں کا آخری نتیجہ یہ نکلا کہ اب پاکستانی حکومت نے آئی پی پیز کو دو ہزار تین سو ارب روپے کی خطیر رقم ادا کرنی ہے۔حکومت پہ واجب یہ رقم عرف عام میں گردشی قرضہ(Circular debt) کہلاتی ہے۔بجلی ،تیل اور گیس کی قیمتیں اس لیے بھی بڑھائی جاتی ہیں کہ حکومت عوام کی جیبوں سے مذید اربوں روپے نکلوا کر اپنے اوپر چڑھا گردشی قرضہ اتار سکے۔یہ قرضہ2008ء میں صرف چار سو ارب روپے تھا مگر حکمران طبقے کی نااہلی اور کرپشن کے باعث مسلسل بڑھتا چلا گیا۔

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