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Flood devastation continues in Pakistan. Many problems can now be avoided by predicting the intensity of the monsoon a year ago from the Japanese model. Photo: Express Tribune

Yokohama, Japan: Monsoon rains are intensifying in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh each passing year. Now, thanks to a new model, the intensity of the Asian monsoon, especially a year in advance, can be accurately predicted.

This model can also reliably predict the Asian summer monsoon and possible cyclones. And he could have informed her twelve months in advance. During this time, people and governments will have ample time to prepare for catastrophic weather.

Yuhai Takaya of the Japan Meteorological Agency and his colleagues have developed a brand new climate forecasting model that includes historical and. Includes the latest meteorological data, related data, as well as information on temperature changes and other atmospheric fluctuations in the ocean. The most important aspect of this is that this model can tell when and how El Nino Southern oscillation will occur and of what intensity?

Yes, and it will continue to be so until next summer. ”

Thus the heat of the Indian Ocean has an extraordinary effect on the Asian monsoon. This model also includes sea and meteorological data collected between 1980 and 2016. After adding a year's worth of data, the model predicts how the monsoon season will go next year. It is also possible to predict conditions such as model sea temperature, regional rainfall, and the Western North Pacific Monsoon. With this model, when the temperature of Southeast Asia was predicted, its score was 0.75. On the other hand, even the latest meteorological models can predict only six months, but a year in advance, this model can predict what the weather will be like.

And if we can predict them first, it will be possible to save many lives and also to avoid financial loss.

The grief of the 2010 torrential rains and floods in Pakistan is still fresh. Thousands died in the incident and 40% of Pakistani territory was submerged for several days. If we could sense the severity of the weather a year ago with a model, there would be no better way to do it.

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