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NEW YORK: Reflects as well as emits infrared rays.

This paint plays an important role in keeping walls and buildings cool. Compared to other paints, it can keep the surface cool to four and a half degrees Celsius, no matter how intense the sun. The good news is that in one to two years, this paint will be able to sell in the market.

Now, in the context of global warming, we can also keep modern buildings cool by painting them white. Although many sun-reflecting paints are still widely available, they only reflect 80 to 90 percent of the light and absorb ultraviolet rays instead of repelling them.

Can reduce the need for and also control carbon emissions. It was created by Professor Xylen Rowan of the University of Purdue and his colleagues. He says it is the world's whitest paint and is second to none in turning the sun upside down.

Much better than the competition. According to experts, its special material is barium sulfate.

The color of pigment particles in paint also varies. Scientists have chosen the best candidate, barium sulfate, after testing about 100 different materials.

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