Third corona vaccine approved in the United States

The third vaccine to be approved in the United States after Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Madorna, Photo: File [19659003[Washington: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration also approved the use of the Corona vaccine, developed by Johnson & Johnson after Pfizer and Madorna.

According to the World News Agency, the American pharmaceutical company Johnson. Corona vaccine developed by & Johnson has been approved. Earlier, the US Food and Drug Administration had also approved Corona vaccines for Pfizer and Modern.

More than five vaccines manufactured by China, the United States, Russia and the United Kingdom are currently being used worldwide. However, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is superior to all of them in the sense that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine contains only one vaccine.

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Unlike other corona vaccines, the corona vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson has only one vaccine, which will make vaccination easier and that is why most countries recommend the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

U.S. pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson's Corona vaccine trials were conducted on three continents, with the vaccine preventing people from being hospitalized, seriously ill and killing against the virus by 85%.

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statement issued by Johnson & Johnson states that the vaccine has also been shown to be effective in countries where a new form of corona is emerging in South Africa.

Johnson & Johnson expects to provide 20 million doses of the vaccine to the United States by the end of next month, with 100 million vaccines available by summer.

Johnson & Johnson also hopes to provide the World Health Organization and European countries. Indicates referral for vaccine approval.

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